Survivorship: You Are Not Alone


Other breast cancer survivors share similar fears and concerns. No matter how long ago you completed treatment and no matter the struggles you face, there are likely other people who have been where you are today.

Sharing experiences and advice with other survivors may be helpful. You can find other survivors through Komen’s Message Boards.

Your doctor can also tell you how to find a local support group.

After treatment ends, there are many ways to stay active in the breast cancer community. Getting involved can be personally rewarding and can impact the lives of others.

My Race for the Cure Impressions

Guest Writer: Sarah Reed, Komen Missouri Communications and Marketing Intern

This year’s Susan G. Komen Greater St. Louis Race for the Cure® was the first Race for the Cure that I have ever attended. I had heard of some of my friends participating in honor of their family members who have battled breast cancer, but I had never physically gone to the Race. From pictures and videos of previous years, the Race had seemed like an incredible experience and event. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to take part in planning the event this year.

As a new member of the team, I had been anticipating the Race for the weeks I had been in the office. At Komen Missouri, there is so much preparation before the Race between new registrations, T-shirts, sponsors and beyond. Also, there were many people working endless hours to ensure that the Race was going to be a successful event. I was amazed by the dedication and commitment that the committee members and volunteers put into the Race.


Sarah (right) and Janet before the sunrise on Komen Greater St. Louis Race Day 2016

The Friday before the Race was a preparation day. It consisted of long hours in the heat, heavy lifting, and a lot of teamwork. I focused on helping our sponsors get settled at their tent sites on Sponsors’ Row. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted, but we knew that our hard work would pay off in the morning. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see it all come together Saturday morning.

I arrived at the Race site around five am on Saturday morning. Even though I am not the biggest morning person, I could hardly wait to get to the site on Race Day. There were a large number of volunteers setting up the site such as the Survivor Pavilion and the Main Stage. I got see behind the stage, which was a really exciting experience. I also had to the opportunity to meet with the Pink Tie Guys and many of our top sponsors before they went on stage.

I think the most memorable moment of the Race was the Survivor Procession. It was very inspirational to see all of the pink shirts representing the battle and defeat of breast cancer. I loved seeing our executive director, Helen Chesnut, leading the procession. She has been a survivor for 10 years now. Watching and cheering on the survivors was a very emotional moment for me. I was able to see so much strength from our community all dressed in pink.

I also had the opportunity to stand at the finish line with last spring’s intern, Claire. Our role was to get the names of the timed participants who finished first in different categories. It was amazing to see the intense effort that the runners put into the race. It was clear to see that they put every ounce of energy into finishing the race. Their hard work represented the ongoing fight to end breast cancer for good.

Now that the Greater St. Louis Race is over, I am extremely excited to help plan our next events, including the Komen Mid-Missouri Race for the Cure in Columbia, where I will be in the fall, finishing my last year at Mizzou. I cannot wait to get my collegiate friends and peers involved with the upcoming events in Columbia.


Komen St. Louis’ 2015 Community Partner of the Year: MoBap’s “Reaching the Underserved” Program

We are fortunate to work side by side with committed health care professionals and organizations that provide quality breast health care to women, men and families in our community. These partners dedicate themselves year-round to provide breast cancer screening, breast health education and patient navigation and support services to individuals in need in the St. Louis region.

Theresa Taylor of the Missouri Baptist Breast HealthCare Center accepts the Komen St. Louis 2015 Community Partner of the Year Award from Komen St. Louis Executive Director Helen Chesnut

Theresa Taylor of the Missouri Baptist Breast HealthCare Center accepts the Komen St. Louis 2015 Community Partner of the Year Award from Komen St. Louis Executive Director Helen Chesnut

The recipient of the 2015 Komen St. Louis Community Partner of the Year Award is committed to supporting the mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever. We were delighted to present this award to Missouri Baptist Breast HealthCare Center’s “Reaching the Underserved” Program at our 6th Annual Power of the Promise luncheon.

With funding from Komen St. Louis, this program provides increased access to breast screening and diagnostic services, along with breast health education and outreach.

Through the Reaching the Underserved program, a mammography van travels throughout the area, including many rural communities where women may not otherwise have access to mammograms. Through the program’s educational component, individuals throughout our community learn the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

2015-2016 is the 14th year of Komen St. Louis funding for this program.

Congratulations to Missouri Baptist Breast HealthCare Center and all involved with the “Reaching the Underserved” program! Thank you for your year-round effort!

Fundraising for Komen St. Louis: A Shoe Line with a Purpose

Susan G. Komen® St. Louis is honored to be contacted by passionate members of our community wanting to organize an event or promotion benefiting Komen St. Louis and the fight against breast cancer.

We love the creative ideas our community members come up with to help make an impact and support our mission.

Here’s a particularly creative third-party fundraising promotion: LaQuist + Komen St. Louis shoes.  St. Louis artist and student Lauren Rundquist has created a shoe line with a purpose. With each pair of LaQuist + Komen St. Louis shoes purchased, LaQuist will contribute $15 directly toward Komen St. Louis’ mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever, in addition to being matched by the TOMS One for One Movement, giving a pair of shoes to a child in need. Each of the 12 handpainted designs represents that mission through words and symbols chosen by Susan G. Komen St. Louis.

To learn more about this and other community events supporting Komen St. Louis, visit the Community Events page on our website.

To learn more about hosting a fundraiser for Komen St. Louis, visit our website.

Give Strength to Our Community

YearEndAppeal_2014_graphic_qu2Right now, Komen St. Louis funding supports six local organizations that deliver critical, life-saving breast health services – including free mammograms and navigation through the complex health care system – to individuals in our community who may not otherwise have access. Komen St. Louis funding allows Debra Custer and the Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation’s START NOW program to provide patient navigation and other breast health services to women who have low income or no insurance or who face other barriers to accessing this care. We can’t do this without the support of our community. Your support is vital and helps us fund:

  • Local, life-saving breast cancer screening, education and patient navigation programs
  • Cutting-edge research that will one day find the cures
  • A caring, compassionate community

Please help give strength to the local fight against breast cancer by giving to Komen St. Louis. Thank you!

Local Impact: Susan G. Komen® St. Louis

SGK_NBCAM_2014_LocalImpactOn a Mission Every Day to Save Lives and End Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen® St. Louis is on a mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

St_%20Louis_SGK JPEG

Komen St. Louis serves 17 counties in eastern Missouri and southwestern Illinois.

Since 1999, Komen St. Louis has stayed focused on this core mission and on meeting the breast health needs of the women, men and families most at risk and most in need right here in our community.

Through fundraising events like the Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure® and other year-round fundraising opportunities, Komen St. Louis has invested more than $39 million in the fight against breast cancer. These dollars are at work every day.

Seventy-five percent of the net funds raised here stay in the St. Louis region to fund breast health and breast cancer screening, education and patient navigation programs. The remaining 25 percent funds cutting-edge global breast cancer research, including research being done in St. Louis.

Local Dollars Making a Local Impact

Since 1999, Komen St. Louis has awarded more than $29 million in grants to local organizations that deliver life-saving breast health services to those who may not otherwise have access due to low income, lack of insurance or other barriers.

Komen St. Louis has supported dozens of local organizations offering breast health and breast cancer services to underserved and uninsured women – including free mammograms, breast health education and navigation through the health care system.

Investing in Breast Cancer Research Here at Home

Komen St. Louis has contributed more than $9 million to breast cancer research since 1999. At the same time, more than $20 million raised here and nationwide has come back to St. Louis research facilities.

That means more than 100 percent of the dollars raised here has remained in and returned to the St. Louis region.

We can only do this work with the support of our community. Thank you to everyone who joins us in our mission throughout the year!

We’re celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Connect with and follow Komen St. Louis and use the hashtag #bcjourney to join in the conversation.

Local Impact: Susan G. Komen® Affiliate Network

SGK_NBCAM_2014_LocalImpactKomen Community Outreach

The Susan G. Komen® Affiliate Network is the nation’s largest private funder of community-based breast health education and breast cancer screening and treatment programs. No other breast cancer organization has this extensive network of grassroots volunteers and staff.

The 117 Komen Affiliates in the U.S. serve more than 18,000 communities across the country. More than 75,000 Komen volunteers and staff work throughout the year to save lives from breast cancer. They raise funds for breast cancer research as well as local breast health and breast cancer services for those who need it most.

Affiliate Community Health Programs

Komen Affiliates are local: they live in the community, they study the community, and they work with local medical experts and community leaders to fund programs that are right for their areas. Seventy-five percent of net funds raised by local Komen Affiliates fund breast health programs in the communities where they were donated.

These local programs aim to change behaviors and increase access to early detection and quality treatment. Programs range from access to breast health services to education, screening, diagnosis and treatment programs, as well as support for survivors and their loved ones.

Komen Affiliates strive to:

  • improve breast health outcomes for all people everywhere.
  • understand the communities’ breast health needs and the current resources available.
  • fund effective programs and services that meet the identified needs based on priority.
  • provide communities with breast cancer knowledge, tools and resources to empower them to take action.
  • evaluate, learn from and communicate program results and impact.
  • leverage relationships and build strategic partnerships.

Local Focus, Local Impact

Through thoughtful and strategic partnerships and coalition building, Komen Affiliates work to provide their communities with seamless access to breast health services.

Komen’s Community Health approach is designed to reduce breast cancer mortality in communities throughout the United States.

We’re celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Connect with and follow Komen St. Louis and use the hashtag #bcjourney to join in the conversation.