Komen Missouri Community Partner: SSM Breast Care: Empowering and Engaging Women


Susan G. Komen Missouri community-grant funding allows SSM Health Care’s SSM Breast Care: Empowering and Engaging Women program to provide care to patients who are low income and underinsured. Funding from Komen Missouri also helps the program aid male patients, who are often overlooked.

The Nurse Navigators and Project Coordinator for SSM Breast Care help patients through different types of care, including screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms and breast health services and consultations.

“It takes a team to make SSM Breast Care successful,” says Tammy Hamma, project director. “Each of our roles plays an integral part in making this program possible.”

Tammy says she has a “direct responsibility to Susan G. Komen Missouri to ensure we are being good stewards of the funds we are given and that we are meeting the goals for the year. This program enables us to spread the inspiring Komen story and to emphasize the vital importance of annual screening mammograms in order to aid in early detection.”

The program educates women in the community to be their own greatest advocates for breast health.

Tammy recalls a young woman in St. Charles County with no insurance who was cared for recently by an SSM Breast Care Nurse Navigator. This young woman was caring for her mother, a Komen Missouri-funded patient battling breast cancer. In her mother’s final days, the young woman discovered a breast lump and promised her mother she would have it checked. The day after her mother’s funeral, the daughter called a Nurse Navigator at SSM Breast Care and received help and guidance through diagnostic procedures.

Fortunately for this young woman, the lump was benign, and she is now on a high-risk screening schedule to detect any other issues early.

“SSM Health Care has had the privilege of being partners with Susan G. Komen Missouri for 14 years,” says Tammy.

Susan G. Komen Missouri’s community grants help fund local breast cancer screening, breast health education and patient navigation and support services for those in our community who otherwise may not have access due to low income, lack of insurance or other barriers.


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