Collaboration: Young Women

2015KomenNCR-NBCAMGraphicFaceookCover-GeneralThough most women who get breast cancer are over age 50, young women can and do get breast cancer. Fewer than five percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the U.S. each year occur in women under 40.

At a time in life most often focused on family and career, young women face some unique challenges when it comes to breast cancer, including being concerned about loss of fertility and sexual dysfunction following treatment.  Here are some examples of Susan G. Komen collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to specifically address the challenges faced by young women with breast cancer:


In 2013, Susan G. Komen® sponsored the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Research Think Tank to gather approximately 60 researchers, medical experts, and educated research advocates to help YSC prioritize unanswered research questions affecting young women with breast cancer.

Read the resulting report:


That same year, Komen partnered with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF) and the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) to advance research into side effects of breast cancer treatment, along with research into the causes of, and preventive strategies for, breast cancer.

Learn more:–Collateral-Damage–of-Breast-Cancer-Treatment.html

Conference Sponsorships

Over the last few years, Komen was a proud to sponsor the Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer (Lead Sponsor) and the international Breast Cancer in Young Women Conferences, funding travel scholarships to provide much needed financial assistance for young survivors and patients to attend the annual conference and ensure that the patient voice was incorporated into the research conversation.

Komen also sponsored patient and patient advocate travel scholarships for the inaugural YSC Summit in March 2015 in Houston, TX. This three-day national conference attracted 535 attendees and featured inspirational speakers, workshops addressing the unique issues that young women with breast cancer face, and special wellness activities. In addition, Komen sponsored a YSC Regional Symposium that was held in June 2015 in Washington, DC to a sold-out audience of 250 attendees. This one-day symposium offered survivors and co-survivors the opportunity to explore specific topics, such as sex and intimacy, resiliency and caring for the survivor. Find the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and tools.

Learn more:

We are celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Connect with and follow Komen St. Louis and use #Komen365 to join in the conversation.


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