The Inter(n)view: Shelby Narike

Guest Writer: Lexie Sprague, Komen St. Louis Public Relations & Marketing Intern

Shelby and Lexie, Susan G. Komen St. Louis Public Relations & Marketing Interns, Summer 2015

Shelby and Lexie, Susan G. Komen St. Louis Public Relations & Marketing Interns, Summer 2015

Meet Shelby Narike. Shelby is a 21-year-old from St. Louis, attending Tulane University as a double major in public relations and English. Although she does not know what she wants to do yet, and does not want to “grow up and graduate and be a real person!” yet, she is enjoying learning everything that fascinates her, and decided to spend the summer before her senior year as a fabulous intern for Susan G. Komen St. Louis. I got a chance to sit down with Shelby and really find out who she is, intern to intern.

I asked Shelby questions both Komen-related and not. I had gotten to know her fairly well through our time together at Komen, but this seemed like the perfect setting to ask her questions that wouldn’t get brought up in day to day conversation. Let’s see what she had to say.

Q: Tell me what brought you to Komen St. Louis.
A: I am a recent breast cancer survivor. I wanted to be part of an organization that fights to end breast cancer, and that is exactly what Susan G. Komen St. Louis does. I wanted to be part of the fight. The Komen public relations and marketing internship is perfect for my PR major, and the organization’s mission is one that I have a newfound passion for. Although I personally beat breast cancer, I wanted to help beat the disease on a larger scale. […] At Komen, breast cancer is not taboo. Komen does everything it can to be a formidable opponent to the disease, and that is what brought me there.

Q: If you could be in any animated movie, which one would it be?
A: I would want to be in Monsters, Inc. because I want to know what Monster Shelby would look like. I’m picturing a tiny, furry, mint green monster who looks cute and innocent…but who gets big and ferocious if need be.

I then found out that Shelby’s friends believe her spirit animal is the white tiger, although she sees her “playful, protective, pack-oriented” self as more of a dog. When she was five, an episode of ‘Madeline’ made her aspire to be a can-can girl; and the combination of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, pie, and family makes her absolutely adore Thanksgiving Dinner. When asked about her guilty pleasure, Shelby explained that she has not one, but three. While the little girl in her loves to color, the old lady in her loves needlepoint, and the classic twenty-one year old in her loves junk food and reality TV. And, if Shelby is running late, she said it is most likely because “one of my four dogs jumped on me with muddy paws and I had to go change my clothes.” Who doesn’t adore an animal lover? Here are a couple more of her responses:

Q: Looking back at your time at Komen St. Louis, what moments stand out?
A: The 17th annual Race for the Cure has been the highlight of this internship for me. I have loved all of my time here, but Race Day stands out in my mind. It was wonderful to see so many people supporting the same cause, on the same mission [to end breast cancer]; however, it was also chilling to see how many people have been affected by breast cancer just in the St. Louis area. I will always remember walking in the Survivors Procession with individuals who share similar stories. Race for the Cure is definitely an event that you need to experience first-hand. It exposed me to another support system that I did not even know I had.

Q: What is an item you have way too many of?
A: Chapstick. I lose chapstick like it’s nobody’s business. I buy the value pack at Sam’s Club. I try to carry one with me at all times and leave the rest on a shelf, but I always end up losing it and grabbing a new one and losing it and grabbing a new one and losing it and grabbing a new one. Then I’ll rediscover lost chapstick in strange places around my house. I’m convinced that I am always within five feet of chapstick at my house; I just have to find it. Those lost chapstick always turn up somewhere, but never when I need them most.

Shelby was so drawn to Komen St. Louis because she knows that not everyone has the same experience with breast cancer that she did. She had “unwavering confidence” in the team of doctors covered by her insurance, but she knows not everyone fighting breast cancer is as fortunate. She loves that it is Komen’s mission to help underinsured individuals receive the breast health care that they need. Everyone involved with Komen, Shelby included, wants to see a world without breast cancer.

So there you have it. Clearly, this twenty-one year-old breast cancer survivor has a whole lot of spunk and personality in her. I think the whole office would agree that Shelby is a joy to be around; her inspiring story and positive demeanor both help to fuel the fight against breast cancer. I’ll leave you today with a couple more fast facts about this Thanksgiving-loving, chapstick-losing Komen intern:

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip
Netflix Addiction: Criminal Minds, The Office, The Walking Dead, Parks & Recreation, Breaking Bad, Scandal (Apparently she couldn’t pick just one!)
Celeb crushes:
Girl: Cara Delevinge
Guy: Jon Jay… I’m a St. Louis girl, so of course I have a Cardinal crush!
Favorite flower: Orchids or poppies (Take notes, boys!)
Starbucks order:
When it’s cold: tall cappuccinos or flat whites
When it’s hot: venti iced cappuccinos or green tea lemonades
Can’t live without: My family. And popcorn.

Thank you, Shelby!


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