Stories of Local Impact: Komen St. Louis and Our Community


Saving Lives Locally

With funding from Komen St. Louis, Christian Hospital’s Protecting and Healing Women program offers screening and diagnostic mammograms, patient navigation and breast health education for individuals in our community who otherwise may not have access.

Here’s a story that shows the direct impact of this funding and these services:


Fueling MoBap’s Mobile Mammography

Funding from Komen St. Louis helps support the Missouri Baptist mammography van, which offers mammograms to individuals throughout our community who otherwise may not be able to get screened for breast cancer.

Learn more and take a virtual tour of the mammography van:


Helping Younger Women with Breast Cancer

Komen St. Louis funding helps support Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation’s START NOW Breast Cancer Awareness Services.

See how the program’s patient navigators are helping young women like Carla and Fany navigate their breast cancer journeys:


Funding St. Louis Researchers’ Work on Breast Cancer Vaccine

Since 1999, Komen St. Louis has contributed more than $9 million to breast cancer research. At the same time, more than $20 million raised here and nationwide has come back to St. Louis research facilities.

That means more than 100 percent of the dollars raised here has remained in and returned to the St. Louis region.

Here’s a story about some exciting, Komen-funded research happening in St. Louis right now:

We’re celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Connect with and follow Komen St. Louis and use the hashtag #bcjourney to join in the conversation.


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