A Survivor’s Story: Lorry Blath

At the 16th Annual Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure on June 14, Lorry Blath was honored as the 2014 Honorary Team New Balance Member.

Kim Burns (left) of New Balance with Lorry Blath at the 2014 Komen St. Louis Race

Kim Burns (left) of New Balance with Lorry Blath at the 2014 Komen St. Louis Race

Nearly 11 years ago, Lorry was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once her treatment was completed, she thought she was done thinking about cancer. And then her daughter organized a team to fundraise and walk a Komen 3-Day event.

Two days prior to their first of four Komen 3-day, 60-mile walks, Lorry’s daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. Now, Lorry and her daughter are both breast cancer survivors.

“It’s complicated and emotional when one’s child is afflicted,” says Lorry. “This time, I didn’t want to be done with cancer; I wanted to act.”

So Lorry got involved in Susan G. Komen St. Louis’ Research Advocacy Committee, which is one of the only groups of its kind in the country.

Through the Komen St. Louis Research Advocacy Committee, “we learn the science of breast cancer, attend national breast cancer and oncology conferences, mentor others, hold workshops, organize community educational programs, sit on hospital Institutional Review Boards, collaborate with researchers on grants, and review Susan G. Komen and government grants,” explains Lorry.

Lorry has been co-chair of the committee for more than five years, and she continues to be motivated and inspired. She is making a positive impact in her community and beyond as an advocate for Komen.


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