Top 10 Reasons to Dine Out for the Cure on June 12

DineOut_Sauce_webbanner_2014Guest Writer: Diana Haynes, Komen St. Louis Intern

10. You Have to Eat Anyway
So you already need to eat anyway, right? You might as well stop by one of the many participating restaurants in your area. The price you would normally spend stays the same. The only difference is part of your bill will go toward lifesaving breast health programs in the St. Louis region, plus vital breast cancer research. The best part is you don’t even have to cook or clean up!

9. You Can Save Someone’s Life
When you dine at one of our participating restaurants, you will also support local organizations that offer breast health and breast cancer services to underserved and uninsured women – including free mammograms, breast health education and navigation through the health care system. It’s so easy to Dine Out and make a world of a difference in someone else’s life.

8. Your Contribution Stays Local
There’s nothing like seeing your contribution make a difference right in front of you. When you purchase a meal, you support your community. Not only will you be supporting your chosen restaurant, but you’ll also be providing individuals within 17 Missouri/Illinois counties funding for needed breast health programs.

7. Someone Else Cooks for You, Serves You, and Does The Dishes
It might cost a little more than eating at home, but just think of it as saving what little time and energy you have left at the end of the day. Not only does someone help you by preparing the meal, but you also get the chance to help someone else in need.

6. Your Co-Workers Need a Break
Whether it’s a business meeting or a group of you just want to do something different for lunch, it’s always fun to get out of the office for a little while. For one day out the year, your office party can raise money for your local breast cancer organization and help save lives. You can treat everyone’s taste buds to something different and maybe even earn a gold star in the eyes of your boss!

5. You Just Got Your Nails Done – Enough Said
We understand what it’s like to have a fresh manicure that you’re so happy about, then it gets chipped two hours later because you nicked it in the kitchen cooking dinner. Save that next paycheck from the nail salon and have a hassle-free meal. You even get to help others in the process.

4. You Want to Impress Your Date
Sure, it’s sweet that you bought flowers and opened the car door for your date, but this is your chance to really shine. Suggest not only a romantic dinner for two, but one at an establishment that is giving a portion of their proceeds to a worthy organization.

3. So You Didn’t Get to Go on Vacation – But You Can Still Have New Experiences 
So money came up a little short and you didn’t get to go on your cross-country road trip or rendezvous to Europe. You can still get a new experience and try some place new by checking out our participating restaurants and picking a place you’ve never been before. You can try a new cuisine and help save a life with no extra cost!

2. You Really Want to Try Something Different
Tired of the same ol’ places when you go out to eat? Do you like supporting local businesses? Do you just want an excuse to get out of the house? You can check out our list of participating restaurants and find some place new in your area to Dine Out while also contributing to a local cause.

1. There’s No Way Easier to Give
Your meal will cost just as much as it would any other day of the year, only this time a portion of what you’re spending goes to fight breast cancer. All you have to do is Dine Out at one or more of our many participating restaurants (or food trucks) throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. The best part is, we won’t judge you if you splurge a little bit by ordering that extra appetizer or dessert.

Visit for a complete list of 2014 Dine Out for the Cure participating restaurants and food trucks, hours of service, and locations categorized by neighborhood.


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