I Race for My Mom

Race Large Banner_2014Guest Writer: Kate L. from St. Louis

I race for my mom. She has survived breast cancer not once but twice.

Kate's mom with her oldest grandchild

Kate’s mom with her oldest grandchild

The first time she was diagnosed was in 1997, and her first grandchild had just been born, which gave her a huge reason to fight. She never complained and tried to do a lot of the recovery on her own. I always felt bad that I didn’t realize how much help she really needed.

Then the cancer came back in 2011, and once again she had a tough battle to fight. This time I did as much as I could to help her and realized firsthand how tough the battle is. Maybe because she’s older, or maybe because she hid it so well the first time, but I now know what a fight it is to recover.

I see so many people battle it out now and want to be there to support those very strong women and men who refuse to give up. That is why I will never miss a Race. We will fight ‘til this disease is extinct!

Join us for the 16th Annual Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure on Saturday, June 14. Visit www.komenstlouis.org. Why do you race? Share your story: prstories@komenstlouis.org.


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