Stories of No Boundaries

No Boundaries  - Spring 2013

No Boundaries – Spring 2013

Ten weeks ago, more than 200 individuals made a healthy lifestyle choice. They all committed to train for the 15th Annual Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure® on June 15, through FLEET FEET Sports’ No Boundaries 5K training program. Ten weeks later, here are three of the participants’ reflections on the experience…

A Personal “Project” for Anne-Sophie Blank

“In 2005, I signed up to form a Komen St. Louis Race team on the University of Missouri – St. Louis campus. One of my colleagues had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I was so impressed by her determination to “beat it.” So Team UMSL was born that year and this will be our team’s 9th Race.

Last year, in April 2012, I too was diagnosed with breast cancer, so this cause has become even more personal. On May 30, 2012, I underwent a double mastectomy and, later, several rounds of chemotherapy. Komen St. Louis Executive Director Helen Chesnut – and everyone at Komen St. Louis – has been wonderful and supportive.

When Helen called me in December to ask if I would like to participate in a “project,” I said yes. I did not know exactly what the project would involve, but she said it would be fun, so I accepted without any hesitation. Then I discovered I would be running and training for ten weeks as part of this “project.” I bought a new pair of running shoes and before I knew it, I was hooked. Hooked on running again, hooked on this wonderful group of men and women from everywhere in the St. Louis area. I feel great! Running with No Boundaries and Komen St. Louis is the best way to wrap up these last 12 months, which have been rough at times.”

Eva Enoch’s Inspiration for a Healthier Life

“A gentle push went a long way for me in February of this year, when I was asked to be part of the No Boundaries training program. I saw this opportunity as a new beginning, a new inspiration for a healthier life. My first step was to buy my training gear, my second was to actually do the job.

Spring was busy with all kinds of things, and I did not get to most of the trainings…but I’ve been following the training schedule I was given and I’ve trained by myself. I don’t think I am there yet to run the 5K, but I am on my way to be able to run the race course next year.”

Tom Miller: Off the Couch

“I was asked by a friend to join the Susan G. Komen St. Louis PR team a decade ago. The experience of giving my time for a cause was rewarding, and I was hooked. To see the Komen St. Louis Race grow in prestige and to see the bounty the proceeds bring to women and men in our community is worth every minute.

This year, in early spring, I was asked to join the Komen St. Louis team to train for the 5K race. During my more than 10 years volunteering for Komen St. Louis, I had not had the opportunity to run the race course. So, I jumped on this chance. I have not run long distance in years, but this was described as “couch to race” training. That sounded about right for me. The winter gave me a little too much couch time this year.

After several weeks of running and training with runners of all abilities (some of whom are breast cancer survivors), my aches and pains have diminished, my breathing has eased, my motivation has risen, and my weight has dropped.

Why do I run and volunteer for Komen St. Louis? I do it for my team, for my friends, and for the women in my life.”


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