Survivor, in Training

Guest Writer: Lorry Blath, Breast Cancer Survivor and Komen St. Louis Volunteer

When I was two years out from my breast cancer diagnosis, I received an email from Komen St. Louis regarding a two-day workshop for the Research Advocacy Committee. Enthused by all the possible activities and experiences, I became a regular at the meetings. Since that first event, I’ve reviewed grants, attended several national medical meetings, made arrangements for speakers, and organized workshops and educational events.

When I passed the five-year survival mark, my daughter Lisa organized a team of 20 to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, which is 60 miles of walking over the course of three consecutive days. My first reaction: “Sixty miles?!” Then I joined them on “Team Boobiful.” Sadly, days previous to our walk, Lisa, then 35, was also diagnosed with breast cancer – and went on to lead her team with much enthusiasm and joy. We’ve participated in the 3-Day walk for four years in four cities.

I’m approaching my 10-year mark as a breast cancer survivor, and Lisa is past five years.

Lorry Blath (center) with two of her No Boundaries 5K training teammates, Helen Chesnut and Kris Fleming

Lorry Blath (center) with two of her No Boundaries 5K training teammates, Helen Chesnut and Kris Fleming

Now I’m signed up for the 15th Annual Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure – as a timed runner! I’m training through the No Boundaries program, which eases you into the racing process and before you know it, you are running three miles. I’ll compete as one of the oldest and slowest, but the important thing is that I will be healthy and strong for my 10th anniversary as a survivor.

I’ve been co-chairing the Komen St. Louis Research Advocacy Committee for several years now and have met amazingly dedicated volunteers and staff. I’m heartened and motivated and want everyone to know what an extraordinary group of people comprise the Komen St. Louis Affiliate.

Happy 15th Race!


2 thoughts on “Survivor, in Training

  1. Beautiful story…thanks for sharing. Best wishes to you from one survivor to another! I will be rooting for you on race day!

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