What Komen St. Louis Means to Me


“Here’s what Komen means to me: HOPE! I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. I had no prior family history, so this really came as a surprise. As I left my physician’s office with a folder that had a big pink ribbon on it, to say the least I was discouraged. Inside this folder was a lot of information, and I noticed a lot of it had been produced by the Susan G. Komen organization. 

My process of determining a course of treatment to fight the cancer took what seemed like a lifetime. During this time, I went to Mercy Hospital’s cancer center and talked with a social worker. Again, I was given more information and again I saw the Komen name. Komen’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer, but by providing information regarding the disease, they also give those fighting the fight against breast cancer HOPE! I needed it then, and my involvement now as a Komen St. Louis volunteer is to ensure that HOPE can be given to women in our community each time they hear the terrible words that they have breast cancer.”

– Tina Seidel, Breast Cancer Survivor and Komen St. Louis Volunteer


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