A New Year, A New Chapter


Guest Writer: Helen Chesnut, Komen St. Louis Executive Director


I keep saying it over and over again, as if to convince myself that it really is going to be a new year in a few hours. I’m that person who reads the final chapter of a book first and then goes back to the beginning. “Why?,” you ask. Because, my friends, there is something comforting about knowing how the story ends before reading through each chapter. Yes, there are times I wish I could handle the new year this way.

In a perfect year, every woman would get the breast health screening she needs and never would there be a phone call saying, “I’m sorry, but it is breast cancer.” Every breast cancer detected would be found early, because we know the earlier the diagnosis the better the outcome. Access to care would always be available, since there would be no financial, educational or time barriers. Our Komen St. Louis community partners would have a fleet of mammography vans in every high risk area, from rural counties to the City of St. Louis and southwestern Illinois. And at the end of the year, breast cancer would be CURED right here in St. Louis! WOW… wouldn’t that be something? I like that idea!

Now back to reality…. I may not know exactly what is going to happen in the next 365 days, but here is what you can count on: Komen St. Louis will continue to be the St. Louis resource for all things breast cancer. If you need a screening mammogram because you have no insurance or are underinsured, call us (314.569.3900) and we will make sure you are connected to a place to get that done. If you need information about the risk factors for breast cancer or breast self-awareness steps, call and we will talk you through them, or – better yet – get a group together and one of our Komen Ambassadors will present our Breast Cancer 101 program. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is how we can change how this “book” ends.

Please consider joining Komen St. Louis in the fight against breast cancer in 2013, whether with your time, your talent or with a donation. Be a part of the next chapter in the fight against breast cancer.

On a mission to help those in need and find the cures,



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